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First Impressions of Wix Website Builder

I have started to play with the website builder Wix. This is a site creation tool that I am new with, but I will say that first thought about it was that the designs offered were simple and easy to read. So I created an account and started to do a little playing with the site. I noticed that choosing a format was a straightforward process and all the templates offered were well laid out with great colors chosen for as a starting point.

While I have only started to dabble in editing a site in this tool, I have seen that the navigation is not necessarily intuitive. The trade off for having to click around some to get used to the editing options, seems to be that you have some additional controls over what the website ends up looking like. While editing the user can toggle between what can be seen when looking at the site on a computer and what can be seen when the site is viewed on a mobile device.

Although I have only begun to work with this website builder, I can see already that it would be a good option for a teacher page, student project site, student blog page, or digital portfolio. The free version seems to be robust enough to provide for the needs of individuals who are looking for an easy way to share information, thoughts, or ideas. I intend to dig deeper into the way this website creator can be utilized for educational purposes.

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