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Initial Reactions to Weebly and Weebly for Education

Weebly is a website builder that can be used by educators in a few different ways. First, Weebly can be used to build a class website. The easy set up and drag and drop features, allows the teacher to provide information, embed calendars, and even set up a class blog that can provide information and share class happenings with parents and other stakeholders. Teachers can also use this as a tool for students to create their own blogs, digital portfolios, or websites for individual projects or ongoing use.

Weebly is free as long as the user does not mind having .weebly as a part of their URL. If the user prefers to drop this from their URL, there are options to purchase a domain name through the site. Blog pages allow for easy posting while webpages can be designed by the user or templates can be found and edited to fit his or her needs.

There are two versions of Weebly. The first is simply the Weebly website builder, which is great for both teachers and students trying to quickly and easily make a website or blog. The second is Weebly for Education. This site allows the teacher to view and password protect student websites. The free Weebly for Education account gives the teacher their own website and 40 student accounts. For teachers with more than 40 students, additional student accounts can be purchased for $1 each. Students are able to have 5 pages, but additional pages can be purchased by the teacher by upgrading students to the pro version for $39.95.

Whether the instructor chooses to allow students the freedom to have their own Weebly account through or if they choose to have students use Weebly for Education, Weebly is a great option for teachers who have little to no experience building a website or want to introduce their students to building simple sites.