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I Took a Real Break

We only had a week and two days for winter break this year. In the years past, I have tried to get ahead on some materials before starting back up for the 2nd semester of the year. For instance, I have been known to participate in online PD through Voxer, Twitter, and online training videos between family activities and during long car rides. But the short break prevented us from taking the long drive back to Nashville this year so I lost the productivity I can sometimes find while riding in the car. I also had originally planned to get a jump start on reading for my next semester of graduate school, which would have been really smart since I have seen what I have coming up and it is a lot. But I didn’t do that. I also thought, maybe I would get a head on recording, editing, and making show notes for my podcast or write and schedule releases for some blog posts that I have been planning. But none of those things happened either.

Instead, I took a real break. For anyone who knows me, that is not normal at all. But I have to say, that I really enjoyed it, and I am still kind of enjoying it as I start to mentally prepare myself for going back to work tomorrow. Now when I say I really took a break, I mean that I did not read any emails (well I glanced because I often get timely doctor appointment reminders and bill statements that I really could not afford to miss), I didn’t read any books related to work or graduate school, I didn’t do any writing, research, education-related podcast listening, or any other activity that related to what I normally immerse¬† myself in.

Instead, I spent time with my family, cooked, cleaned, watched television, went to the movies, and slept in. It was wonderful, it was restful, and I may have a hard time getting back into my normal routine where sleep and most relaxation activities usually fall to the back burner while I focus on my kids’ basketball games, theatre classes, gymnastics and my work, grad school assignments, research, reading, writing, and podcasting. I am excited and anxious to see what 2018 brings, but one thing I have learned over the break is that I need to take real breaks like this a little more often.