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Incorporating, Utilizing, and Manipulating New Literacies in the Classroom- Annotated Bibliography

Wimmer, J. J., Skramstad, E., & Khan, I. (2012). Incorporating, utilizing, and manipulating

new literacies in the classroom. Educational Forum, 76(4), 438-441.

This article discusses how and why teachers should consider integrating new literacies in their classrooms. Using a discussion with a middle school student, the author describes how teachers can incorporate, utilize, and manipulate technology to engage and students in learning activities that teach them both the content and a variety of new literacies. While it is pointed out that keeping up with these new literacies can be overwhelming and challenging for teachers, they are encouraged to view these technologies as an opportunity to expand their own horizons while also expanding those of their students.

This article does a good job of summarizing the challenges of integrating these new literacies in the classroom, while also describing the importance and possibilities that these new technologies can offer to teachers and students. It is also important to note that the information that is provided by the student is valuable to gain an understanding of the need for this type of integration as well.

As I work with teachers who are often overwhelmed by the speed at which technology is changing and affects their students, this article can help to motivate them to continue to learn and grow so they can integrate these new literacies in their classrooms. This also provides some steps that can help these teachers feel less overwhelmed and see the benefit that these technologies have in their classroom. As I push teachers to grow in their use of technology to promote learning of new literacies, this article and others like it can help keep the focus on integrating these into the current curriculum instead of seeing them as add-ons.